Bridge to the Future

Virginia students ARE our future. So we need to support those who help them achieve their dreams.

But did you know Virginia teachers make $7200 less than the national average?

VEA believes that the future of Virginia’s children rests upon a foundation of well-qualified, caring teachers in every classroom. Help us make sure teaching remains an attractive career for our best and brightest.

We’re Building Strong Public Schools in Virginia

Strong public schools help make our communities strong, as well. And the performance of Virginia public schools consistently ranks among the top states.

  • Virginia’s on-time graduation rate of 90 percent is the highest the state has ever recorded
  • Virginia recently scored 6th in the nation on Advanced Placement exam scores.
  • Virginia ranked 12th nationally on Education Week’s school quality indicators.

Virginia teachers and education support professionals play a leading role in our high achievement. But they need our support.

When it comes to pay, Virginia teachers rank 30th in the nation Why? One big reason: our state has cut funding commitments, making it even more difficult for localities to pay teachers a competitive salary.

You can help support your local teachers by demanding that our elected officials fund our schools so that the teaching profession attracts and retains the best teachers for our students.

Make your voice heard

Go to a local school board meeting. Contact your state representatives. Tell them that teacher salaries are too low in Virginia, and that you support increased funding.

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