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Why we teach

Most everyone can recall a favorite teacher and what he or she did to make an impression on your life. But have you ever thought about why teachers do what they do?

Watch our video to learn what makes Virginia teachers so special, and how they're making our public schools among the best in the nation.

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Parents, community members, teachers, and other school employees are joining our call to Put Kids First.

The Virginia Education Association and Virginia PTA have a campaign to let Virginians know that we must make the education of our children the Commonwealth's top priority.

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Rallying at the Capitol on April 18, 2015.

Keeping our public schools strong is good for Virginia

Virginia's education professionals are working hard to provide a high-quality education for our kids. And they are succeeding. That's why, at the Virginia Education Association, we want to make sure all teachers and support staff such as bus drivers, aides, and nurses have what they need to be at their best. Because good teachers are the foundation of good schools. And good schools empower students to succeed in life and improve our communities.

Did you know?

  • More than half of Virginians say that if they could choose any type of school to give their child the best education possible, they would select a Virginia public school.
  • Graduation rates in Virginia are higher than they've ever been.
  • Virginia public schools rank 5th in the nation.
  • 89,503 students graduated from Virginia public schools in 2013.
  • Healthy kids lead to healthy adults. More than 122.5 million nutritional lunches, 35 million breakfasts and 1.3 million snacks are served to Virginia public school students each year.
  • Virginia teachers' salaries are 11% below the national average.
  • The number of students now enrolled in public schools in VA is well above the total population of Virginia when it became a state. (1,273,211)

Data Sources: Virginia Commonwealth Education Poll, 2014. Virginia Department of Education, 2014. Education Week rankings, 2014. National Education Association rankings, 2014.

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